BlogWe're "Storing" Up Excitement

We're "Storing" Up Excitement

We're "Storing" Up Excitement

Are you as excited as we are for April 12th relaxed rules and upcoming freedoms?

It's official next Monday we'll no longer have to "stay at home", for step 2 of the Lockdown ease, we'll see businesses and activities re-opening, including:

  • non-essential retail
  • hairdressers and nail salons (personal care)
  • libraries and community centres (public buildings)
  • gyms (indoor leisure facilities)
  • zoos, theme parks, and drive-in cinemas (most outdoor attractions)
  • pubs and restaurants (hospitality venues - table service outdoors only)
  • campsites and holiday lets (self-contained accommodation - not shared with other households)
  • weddings, receptions and commemorative events (up to 15 people)

We've been glad to welcome back the rule of 6 and garden visits, next month we'll be allowed inside friends and families homes again restoring much of "normality", leaving video calls and Netflix viewings behind in the Winter months...

So whether you've booked a hairdressers appointment, decided to go back to the gym or packed for a mini-break enjoy!!! 

If you currently store with us, it's time to grab your spring/summer garden furniture and tools back out, even outdoor sports equipment, get outdoors and get active. Or perhaps a long-overdue spring clean and sort out of your storage unit is in order. 

We'd love to hear from you, share with us what you're most looking forward to next week.

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