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Find out the answers to common questions about self storage using our Frequently Asked Questions listed below. If you need further help you can ask a question on this page and we will reply as soon as possible or just give us a call during our opening times and we will be happy to help you. To request a callback or see where we are visit our contact page.


Malvern Self Storage offer 24-hour digital security; dual alarm systems – an alarm on the building and every room is individually alarmed with access to the building and your storage room through a unique PIN code personal to you. Perimeter security fencing around our buildings; fire and smoke detection system and 24hr CCTV monitored to give you ultimate confidence that your belongings are safe and secure. We have staff on site six days a week during opening hours for your peace of mind.

You need your own padlock to guarantee that you are the only key holder for your self storage space and to ensure that your room is locked securely at all times. The individual room alarms give you additional security monitored by us. We stock high security padlocks at site in our Malvern Self Storage office.

Yes, VAT is payable at 20% at all self storage facilities. VAT is included within our quotes, so you don’t need to add it on.

At Malvern Self Storage we offer a minimum self storage rental period of one month, you can extend this period for as long as you wish. There is no maximum rental period, so your storage can be as long term as you like! If your space requirements change, we have the flexibility to provide you with a smaller or larger space.

Yes. You can set up as many or as few people as you require to have access to your room. They need to be named on your account and they will have their own access codes so you will know who has been into the unit. Just make sure they bring the units padlock key / know the combination number.

This depends on the full new replacement value of your goods if you had to buy them again today. As a guide, our average customer tends to take £5,000 of insurance cover at a cost of £8.70 per month (incl VAT £10.44). Please call 01684 892236 a member of our team can work out a personal quote for you. The cost of insurance starts from £1.74 (+VAT) per week for £1,000 of cover, and goes up depending on the level of cover you require, just chose what’s right for you.

No, anyone can buy our packing materials, you don’t need to be a storage customer to purchase any of our materials or services from us. See our full range of packing materials and boxes Etc. section of our website or pop into our office if you would like to choose from our large stock or discuss your move.

No pets of any kind are allowed in our storage units, offices or car park. Please keep pets safely in your vehicle at all times. The only exception to this would be guide dogs for the disabled.

Yes of course, this isn’t a problem, just let us know your new move in date and we'll change your start date.

Unfortunately, not. We require photographic proof of ID to confirm you are who you say you are for security reasons when setting up your storage licence.

Yes. Ring to check we have the available size room and bring with you the correct ID; you can move in as quickly as today provided it is during our opening hours.

Please give us a call on 01684 892236 and if you can get to the store today with the correct ID at least one hour before we close, to come and sign the licence, you can move in today.

For your own security and safety and that of your fellow customers we ask that you please refrain from storing the following items:

• Explosives, firearms or ammunitions and any combustible or flammable substances (i.e. Gas, paint, petrol, oil, solvents.)

• Pollutants or contaminated goods or any items emitting fumes or environmentally harmful.

• Cash or securities

• Hazardous, toxic or radioactive goods, and aerosol cans

• Gas canisters (e.g. barbeques or caravan use) or any kind of use

• Illegal goods – stolen items, counterfeit goods etc.

• Food or perishable goods, live animals or plants, anything living that could perish or cause offence by rotting or by odour it gives off

• Waste products of any kind

• Ensure that fuel tanks of any items which require fuel (e.g. lawnmowers and motorbikes) are fully drained

• Refrigeration equipment should be fully defrosted and dry, and the door left open to allow air circulation and to prevent mould

Please see our terms and conditions for the full list of prohibited goods.

Malvern Self storage can be accessed 6 days a week.

Reception is open 6 days a week:
Mon, Tue, Thurs: 8am to 5pm
Wed & Fri: 8am to 7pm
Sat: 9am to 3pm

No. We monitor our store regularly and have a facilities team that ensure any wear and tear is kept on top of to prevent issues of this nature from occurring. Buildings such as ours (over 10,000 sqft) are ‘air tested’ as part of Building Regulations Control to ensure its suitable to provide storage services.

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please could you quote prices from minimum sq footage?

Hi Heather - we would be happy to deal with a specific enquiry based on what you are thinking of storing, do use our contact form on the website to list items etc and we can help you estimate the unit size needed. Hope this helps!