BlogTop Tips for Downsizing

Top Tips for Downsizing

Top Tips for Downsizing

Are you looking to downsize and need some useful tips on how to store efficiently?

Whether you're storing in storage boxes for the attic, or for a self-storage unit to move house, please see our advice. Make the most of every piece of storage space you have, utilise capacity by packing only what you need, and neatly.

People downsize for all kinds of reasons, however, the process remains the same, remain organised! 

Our packing and storage tips:

  1. Make an inventory/list of stuff to store, to identify whether it is to keep, throw, donate or store, a general declutter should always take place prior to storage, to ensure you do not pay to store belongings you no longer want. An inventory can be useful if you are planning on long-term storage to remember what you already own.
  2. Reduce duplicate items, kitchenware can often be scaled down to essentials which are used frequently. 
  3. Determine your storage space to allow for your belongings and your new home floorplan to consider what will fit and what large furniture needs to be downsized, e.g. a mini sofa, a fold away dining table etc. 
  4. Have a vision of your new home, think about hobbies and what should be stored and not, or what requires permanent storage if only used on occasion, e.g. Ski gear.
  5. Keep but condense sentimental items in different ways, e.g. take photos of items, children's artwork and scan them to create a photo book of memories.
  6. Think about what you'd really miss if you didn't have it when you came home. 
  7. Consider multi-functional furniture, e.g. sofa bed, storage cube seats, footstall coffee table etc. 
  8. Hooks and shelves to store small items in your new home.
  9. Rent or borrow tools which are infrequently used, e.g. hedge cutter, carpet cleaner etc.

When preparing for storage, don't forget when packing storage boxes to distribute weight evenly, never overfill boxes! 

During the clearout process, sell items you no longer want which are valuable, to put money toward storage costs. If you are organised and pack in a timely manner, you will reduce stress throughout the downsizing process. 

If you've been looking for "storage units near me" and live in the three counties, visit our secure storage units, we can help with packing and storage services.

Enter your new downsized home clutter-free! We've assisted in moving house storage for many years, we are confident in ensuring the packing and moving into storage process is as organised and stress-free as possible. 

- Malvern Self Storage -

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