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Top Reasons for Self Storage

Top Reasons for Self Storage

The top reasons why people use self storage facilities:

  • Moving house - downsizing so limited space at new home: store residual items that are not needed regularly such as seasonal clothing; camping equipment; collections (books/DVDs/vinyls) etc.

  • Staging a home for sale - maximise the spaciousness of your existing home by removing to store odd chairs, occasional tables, ornaments and lamps to show potential buyers the space available to accommodate their belongings.
  • Declutter - create more space at home, running out of space to keep memories or temporarily store items to sell.
  • Redecoration of a house/Renovation project - instead of moving to redecorate a complete room or the whole home, store effects during the refurbishment process to prevent damage.
  • Adaptation of property due to illness or disability - post-illness or hospitalisation you may need to move furniture to relocate a bedroom or to have work done to fit mobility aids.
  • To store hobby equipment - bikes, skis, surfboards, boat/sailing equipment; diving equipment; rock climbing equipment; camping equipment; photography.
  • To store kids belongings - If they've flown the nest, to University or taken a gap year to travel (gain a guest room or a room to rent out).
  • To clear a bedroom - If there's a baby on the way.
  • To store a loved one's belongings - If someone has passed (ready for bequests or auction).
  • Change in relationship status - a secure temporary storage facility to ease stress whilst relocating address.
  • To keep business inventory and archives - Be organised and ensure the home office isn't overcrowded.
  • Working away - Temporarily pack up a house to relocate for work. 
  • Storage of stock - Seasonal/stock overflow, an alternative to renting warehouse space.
  • Tool storage - If you don't have a garage for work tools (check out our prohibited items).
  • Seasonal garden furniture storage - out of bad weather and garden machinery not frequently used.

The solution to these problems is simple, use self storage for the duration of your renovations.

Are you planning to Renovate or Redecorate?

Are you currently having a "spring clean" and making changes at home? One of the top reasons for storage from the list above is home projects. 

If you are renovating or redecorating your home, don't live in chaos for weeks or months, make things simple and securely store your furniture and belongings in a storage unit. 

There’s nothing worse than having to keep moving belongings and furniture from room to room whilst you redecorate or carry out renovations.

Storing belongings and furniture will create a space to work more efficiently and prevent any damages. No matter how careful you are, there’s always that drop of paint that gets spilt or ornament that gets knocked over. 

The Benefits of Self Storage while Renovating

  • Saves time
  • Provides a clear workspace
  • Gives you space to live in other rooms
  • Easier to work in
  • Reduces hassle
  • Helps avoid damage
  • Give peace of mind
  • You can store items for as long as you need
  • Gives the ability to store new belongings to add-in
  • You can declutter items whilst in storage if you wish.


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