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Store away Summer

Store away Summer

Storing summer items to make way for an interior refresh helps your home adapt to the changing seasons and enjoy a new look for Autumn. At Malvern Self Storage we can safely store away your summer accessories and garden furniture until the warmer weather returns.

Garden furniture benefits from being stored correctly to protect it from damage caused by bad weather. Rather than having covers that rarely offer sufficient protection and can cause problems by flying away in storms, you can use our secure storage facilities. This ensures your garden furniture is safely protected whatever the weather.

When you have invested in furniture for your garden you want to keep it in good condition ready to enjoy again next year. Our storage facility has 24-hour digital security and CCTV as well as a fire and smoke detection system. You can have confidence that your belongings are safe and secure until you need them again.

As well as the furniture itself, many homes have outdoor cushions, parasols and other decorative items that need to be kept dry to prevent them from being damaged by damp and wet weather. These decorative pieces often take up a lot of space when stored so rather than using valuable room at home, you can use our ‘air tested’ storage service to prevent damage. With the wet weather we have seen already this Autumn providing a significant challenge for lots of garden buildings and sheds this prevents any unpleasant surprises when unpacking your garden cushions and accessorises next year.

It’s not just outdoor furnishings that can be stored away. It can be nice to change our lighter summer soft furnishings and instead fill our homes with cosy, fluffy blankets and cushions in warm autumnal colours. Autumn decorations and seasonal accessories can transform the look of your home and make it feel welcoming no matter how dark or gloomy it is outside.

Rather than being disappointed that summer is over, you can enjoy all that Autumn has to offer knowing that your belongings are in safe hands until it's summertime again.

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