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Self Store Creative Memories

Self Store Creative Memories

Declutter your home this Autumn, but don't get rid, simply store! 
Kids returned to school earlier this month and a summer holiday of fun hobby crafts may have left your home a little cluttered with creative memories. 
Perhaps your little ones did many drawings, finger paintings, pottery, woodcraft, stain-glass designs and much more, which you love, but may not have room for every piece in your home.
It's great to get kids creative, but hobby equipment and projects need to be housed somewhere, perhaps you've already been searching for "storage units near me"...Malvern Self Storage can help.
The solution is a self storage unit! 
Whether it's a little or a lot, we have various size storage units for rent.
Our secure storage facility will safely look after your treasured belongings, giving you peace of mind.  
Summer hobby craft equipment can range from paint and easels to sporting equipment, and other hobbies which "take up room".
Clear your home space today for your kids to return to their studies. 
Simply enquire via our email form/request a callback or call us on 01684 892236 today to discuss your requirements. 

Clear Space - Clear Mind


- Malvern Self Storage -

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