BlogOur Storage Facilities are Super Secure!

Trust your belongings in our self storage units.

If you've been looking for safe storage units for rent, we take our storage security very seriously!

We start by asking for photographic proof of ID to confirm you are who you say you are for security reasons when setting up your storage licence.

dual alarm system is in place on the building and every room with access to the building and your storage room through a unique PIN code personal to you. We're proud to say each storage unit is individually alarmed for maximum security.

Digital CCTV monitoring is ensured for all access points, emergency exits and areas outside our storage facilities, providing 24-hour digital security to give you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.

We have staff on-site six days a week during opening hours conducting daily walks around the site, across all storage floors to ensure no activity is taking place, or equipment is being used, which could potentially result in a fire.

Our storage facilities are fitted with a fire and smoke detection system throughout, not to mention perimeter security fencing around our buildings too for external security measures. 

We also insist that all our customers have liability cover.  

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To keep our storage space and your belongings safe, we strictly prohibit the storing of any combustible, flammable or explosive items such as paint, oil, cleaning solvents, gas cylinders, fireworks, tyres and more, please click for more facility information and a link to our full list of prohibited items.

Secure padlocks are required by every individual storing with us, to guarantee that you are the only key holder for your self storage unit and to ensure that your room is locked securely at all times. The individual room alarms give you additional security monitored by us. If you wish, we stock high-security padlocks at the site office to purchase.

If you're wondering whether you can allow/grant others to access your secure storage, the answer is yes! It's your storage and belongings, you can set up as many or as few people as you require to have access to your room. They do however need to be named on your account with us and they will have their own access codes so you will know who has been into your storage unit. Just make sure they bring your units padlock key and know the combination number.

One more thing to mention... insurance! Depending on the full new replacement value of your goods stored, if you had to buy them again today, customers tend to take £5K of insurance cover at a cost of £8.70 per month (incl VAT £10.44) on average. Please call a member of our team who can work out a personal quote for you. The cost of insurance starts from £1.74 (+VAT) per week for £1K of cover and goes up depending on the level of cover you require, simply choose what’s right for you.

With our trusted CCTV systems, manual patrols and other security measures in place, we truly hope you feel your belongings are safe in every way possible with us.

We hope this answers all your security questions, however, please us know if there is anything further you wish to ask us. 

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