BlogOrganise your self storage with packaging supplies

Organise your self storage with packaging supplies

Organise your self storage with packaging supplies

Looking to tidy up your self storage?

If you require packaging materials, we can supply, all available at our facility. 

Our storage boxes and packaging supplies have been carefully selected with the care for the environment strongly in mind. 

You will see our products come from environmentally sustainable resources that minimise their impact without compromising their performance for all your packing needs.

All prices are listed here on our website. 

Organising storage can be a time-consuming task, however worth it. Once organised, you'll find it easy to locate belongings in your unit.

Reorganise belongings in your storage unit by room or category, or you might wish to make an itinerary list and number boxes, whatever works best for you. You might want to consider the use of racking and shelving, and declutter as you go, reboxing only what you wish to keep or store long-term.

Quite often when moving out of a house with a time transition, you will store belongings in a rush, sound familiar? Make sure when it comes to moving into your new property, you are simply "ready to go" when you need to empty your unit. If you are in the middle of a house move, renting a unit for a short-term period, make sure you store;
- Heaviest items and boxes at the bottom
- Arrange more frequently used items to the front
- Biggest items of furniture near the unit door to load into a removals van first

Depending on whether your furniture is bulky or not, you may also wish to dismantle items.


Organised Unit

Tidy organised storage = Tidy organised mind 

If you wish to discuss a self storage unit or your packaging needs, simply contact us by phone or email and we will assist you whenever possible.

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