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How to Protect Items in Self Storage

How to Protect Items in Self Storage

Protecting your valuables whilst they are in a storage facility is paramount to ensure they remain in the same condition as they were before stored.

Depending on the items you are storing, different protection methods are advised. Our storage experts have been offering advice on packing and storing for over 30 years, follow these rules:

  • PalletsElectrical Goods - Often delicate and valuable, therefore good quality packaging and protection is required (we can provide packaging supplies). Wrap thoroughly, to avoid damage to internal electric components. Individually wrap electronics in cotton fabrics, within a cardboard box. Pack the items tight to avoid movement. It is always advisable to place silica gel sachets in with these items.
  • Glassware and Pottery - Bubble wrap!!! When storing a mirror, crockery set, crystal glasses or valuable ornaments, layers of protective bubble wrap is the key. Don't forget to wrap in paper to avoid chips. Please ensure for maximum protection against pressure marks on the items, wrap with the bubbles facing outwards.
  • Metal and Silver objects and equipment - Whether you're looking to store ornaments, kitchen equipment or tools, any metal items may suffer a loss in sheen or become subject to rust. To slow down the oxidisation process coat iron objects or household metals with olive oil to protect. Alternatively if storing heavy-duty items such as tools, spray with a standard WD40 oil. Silver and semi-precious metals should be protected in plastic bags. Cover/wrap them in a heavy fabric to prevent scratching the surface.
  • Fabrics - Clothing, bedding, cushions, rugs etc. bag these items to store to maximise use of your storage space.
  • Furniture - Protect with dustsheets assembled or disassembled. Use cardboard to prevent pressure marks to furniture surfaces.
  • Heavy Duty Equipment - In order to protect your other belongings and abide by storage unit regulations, please ensure items which contain fuel, such as garden equipment, are drained of their fuel prior to storage. Dismantle heavy or awkward shaped items into manageable pieces.

For extra protection, some recommend using floor matting in self-storage, this isn’t necessary. Our units are internal and purpose-built so you don’t need to put down anything on the floor or your unit re moisture but to protect it when you are moving it you might want to wrap furniture and unboxed items so that you can position them safely.

To help air to circulate between the items you have stacked, leave a few spaces between furniture, boxes and bags, small pallets create a layer between the floor and your belongings and are useful if you are storing a larger quantity of effects.

To make sure you pack "properly" and protect items in storage, ensure you:

  1. Stock up on packing supplies
  2. Organise your items and label every box clearly
  3. Take extra care packing delicate items 
  4. Ensure boxes are not overloaded (excessive weight)
  5. Disassemble all furniture 
  6. Clean everything before you store it 

Remember the tidy art of stacking boxes and belongings, and leave an aisle to get to items at the far end of the secure storage unit, which also allows air to circulate amongst belongings. 

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