BlogDeclutter your home prior to a spring clean

Declutter your home prior to a spring clean

Declutter your home prior to a spring clean

Why you should declutter your home

You may have heard of the expression "clear space, clear mind" - declutter and organize your belongings into a self storage unit, in preparation for a spring clean, a decorating project or moving house.

Whether you are looking to

  • show your home at its best for sale this year or
  • have a 2020 friend or family gathering or
  • simply to maximise space for yourself

declutter your home today!

A clutter free house or garage will ensure you can find what you're looking for, when you need it. You should start with a "clear out" of unwanted or unused belongings, redundant tools, furniture which no longer suits a newly decorated room etc. or maybe you’re doing a re-style and aren’t sure what will suit your new look home? Maybe you have items you are keeping for family members who haven’t bought their own place yet?

Then...what do you do with the belongings which you do want to keep, but aren't sure where to store?

You need self storage!

Declutter storage ensures you keep the belongings which you love, however, are crowding your household and garage space. Clear your rooms of belongings which you can't bear to part with, but can't "fit in".

Clearing out to spring clean freely, is proven to be better for wellbeing. No more bumping the vacuum cleaner into redundant furniture, no more lifting hundreds of ornaments to dust, simply store them away. You might decide to put back some and then change them to create a fresh look for a different season.

Our secure storage facility welcomes you to safely look after your belongings, with peace of mind. We can even supply packaging materials if you require them to neatly organize your storage, at low cost. 

Even if you're looking to sell belongings, and require temporary storage, we can help.

Simply enquire via our email form/request a callback or call us on 01684 892236 today to discuss your requirements. We can store your personal or business belongings which are cluttering your home.

If you're looking for decluttering tips, and how to declutter your house, we recommend reading this article:


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Remember: The three box rule in each room of the house and garage; "Keep, Get rid, Store".

Declutter into a Storage Unit

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