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Best Ways to Store Fabrics

Best Ways to Store Fabrics

Do you have lots of duvets, pillows, blankets, linens, towels and more materials to pack for self storage?

We'd like to start by saying please ensure all the fabrics you wish to pack are only what you wish to keep.

As we accumulate more things over the years, we often find ourselves running out of storage space. Whether you're moving to a new home, downsizing or simply need more space, self storage is the perfect solution, becoming increasingly popular to store none essential belongings. 

A self storage facility holds a wide range of different materials, from furniture to soft furnishings.

Prepare your fabrics with our top storage tips:

Clean and Dry: Make sure your fabrics are clean and completely dry before you store them, this will prevent mould, mildew and other possible damage. 

Label: Ensure your boxers or containers holding fabrics are labelled, so they are easy to find within your self storage unit to regularly clean and dry if being stored long-term. 

Packaging: Use packing materials such as bubble wrap around hard belongings and packing paper etc. around soft fabrics, to protect from stains or marks. Ideally, pack in the same position as it would be at home to avoid deep creases. 

Leave Space: Distance between boxes and storage unit walls to allow for ventilation and airflow, ensuring your fabrics remain fresh, for even easier access stack boxes on shelving racks, keeping them off the floor too. 

Protect from Moisture: Use silica gel moisture absorbing packets when storing fabrics to prevent damp. 

It is important to regularly visit your self storage room to check on your belongings and ensure everything remains in good condition. 

Keep your self storage clean, tidy and free of debris, storage is great to free up more space and effectively protect your belongings.

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