BlogAre you dealing with post-Christmas chaos?

Are you dealing with post-Christmas chaos?

Are you dealing with post-Christmas chaos?

If Christmas has left your home resembling a toy shop or if your festive decorations seem to have multiplied, then you are not alone. 

In January you can find yourself overwhelmed by the challenge of decluttering and organising to reclaim your home from the Christmas chaos. The gifts and clutter that follow the festive season often result in people desperately searching for storage solutions and looking at top tips for decluttering. 

When you have tried all the organisation tips you can find but are still struggling, then the answer might be a flexible storage unit at Malvern Self Storage.

1) Sorting out your Christmas decorations

The first thing you need to start restoring order in your home is to gather all your Christmas decorations and festive items together. Once you have done this you can sort out what you have used and any that are now surplus to requirements. Perhaps you have decorations that you no longer like or that don't work with your decor. If they are in good condition you can sell them or give them away rather than keeping them for another year only for them not to be used again next Christmas.

2) Looking after decorations you want to keep

Any items that you do want to keep should be well packaged and clearly labelled to keep them safe while packed away. It is important to take the time to correctly store items such as lights now to prevent them becoming tangled and broken, you will be grateful for any time spent doing this when you next open the boxes.

3) Christmas gifts you love

Once you have organised your festive decorations you need to start finding homes for your Christmas presents. It can be helpful to take the opportunity to declutter and pass on any items that you no longer need or in the case of children's toys or books allow them to be enjoyed by someone else while making room for new gifts.

4) Presents that aren't for you

If you have received gifts which are not to your taste, rather than keeping them out of a feeling of obligation, it can be kinder to allow someone else for whom they could be more suited to get pleasure from them. As well as charity shops other voluntary organisations are often grateful for donations for tombola prizes or raffles. A clutter-free environment contributes to a more relaxed and enjoyable living space, so it is important to only make room in your home for things that you love.

5) Storage solutions

If after you have decluttered and organised your belongings, you are still left with a shortage of storage space then we can offer a variety of storage solutions. We have units starting from 25 square feet that store the same as an average sized garden shed, right up to shipping containers that can fit the contents of a two bedroomed house inside. We offer flexible timescales whether you just need space to regain control of your home or if you need a longer term solution we can adapt to meet your individual needs.

Simply contact us via form or call us on 01684 892236 to discuss our storage units and your requirements.

The chaos that follows Christmas can be mentally exhausting and the search for storage solutions can be an added challenge. Malvern Self Storage solutions allow peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and easily accessible when needed. This sense of order contributes to a more relaxed and enjoyable living space, allowing you to start the new year in a positive way and focus on the things that really matter in 2024.

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