BlogUsing Self-Storage When Your Children Go to University: More Space, Memories Safe

Using Self-Storage When Your Children Go to University: More Space, Memories Safe

Using Self-Storage When Your Children Go to University: More Space, Memories Safe

When your children head off to university you might wonder what to do with their belongings and long to free up space in your home while they are away.

Malvern Self-Storage can be your solution - We help free up space while keeping the things you love safe.


Clearing Your Space

As children grow up and go to university, they often leave years of possessions behind. This can clutter your home and take up valuable space.

While it may be important for children to retain some belongings at their family home, many of us do not have space to store years of sentimental souvenirs.

Self-storage lets you retain these treasured items while also clearing out and organising your space, making it look and work better for you.


Keeping Memories Secure and Safe

A big worry when children leave home is how to protect their treasured possessions and memories.

 At Malvern Self Storage our storage unit has secure facilities with 24-hour digital security; dual alarm systems, perimeter security fencing, 24hr CCTV monitored security as well as fire and smoke detection systems.

This gives you the ultimate confidence that your belongings are safe and secure.


Easy to Access

Malvern Self Storage can be accessed six days a week and offers early morning and evening opening as well.

If you would like to you can also allow other people to access your room if they are named on the account and have their own access codes.

This allows you a high degree of flexibility so that your children can retrieve items if required when they return home from their studies.


Flexible Living Spaces

When your child returns home for holidays or academic breaks, you can choose to return their belongings to the home and recreate their childhood bedroom or just make a familiar space that welcomes them back.

Once they then return to university you then have the flexibility to return items to the storage unit and use the newly found space for various purposes, such as a guest bedroom, home office, craft room or workout area.

This flexibility ensures that your home remains adaptable to your family's evolving needs


Sending your children to university is a big step and Malvern Self Storage can help make it easier.

Using our storage units gives you more room without losing precious memories.

You can tidy up your living space making your accommodation more functional while also keeping it as a welcoming home.

Malvern Self Storage is a smart way to make this new chapter in your life a little simpler.

Simply contact us via form or call us on 01684 892236 today to discuss our storage units available and your requirements.

- Malvern Self Storage -

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